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Clients often approach Antenna, Ltd. wanting to grow their business with an International Project. Our services cater to clients interested in modifying their companies but are unsure how to do it. We help our client's capabilities grow and evolve.

Translation, Interpretation, Meetings & Events, Bilingual Admin Work

Substituting words is just a small part of the picture. We strive to provide effective and customer-oriented services that will overcome any barrier our clients feel with foreign languages.

Professional Development

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” - Yeats


Antenna, Ltd. is your source for professional business development. We examine what you are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced business world with international visitors and clients. Every program we've done is tailored to meet specific needs and is geared to increase skills and knowledge necessary for a company's development.


National Government Ministries; Okinawa Prefecture Government; US Government; Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau; Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation; Naha City Office, and other municipality offices; Shurijo Castle Park; Churaumi Aquarium; Chamber of Commerce Offices; Ryuseki Group; Kuniken; Hasmore, Okinawa Electric Power Company; Fuji TV Network; NHK; Nippon Television Network, Naha Airport Building, etc.

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Consulting for Processing Your Inheritance in Okinawa

Receiving an overseas inheritance can be a long and complicated process for families or relatives living in different countries. For more information, please visit our "Processing your inheritance" page.